Engineering Consultancy Bureau

Engineering Consultant Bureau of the Faculty of Engineering was found on    11/9/2007. The aim of this bureau in the Faculty of Engineering is to provide engineering and geological consulting services to the provinces of Kurdistan and the private sector as part of the cooperation between the university and the community and the best use of scientific potential in life. 
The reasons for the foundation of the Office; It is possible to summarize as the following: 
  1. The provinces of Kurdistan are in fast process of building in all aspects of life so that they require experience and scientific support in all areas, whether in construction or in the search for material construction and detection of water resources and oil and mineral or in the planning and implementation of strategic projects giant or even in giving training courses or educational. 
  2. The development of academic staff in the faculty via the implementation of various projects, which are reflected at the level of teaching and practical part of it. 
  3. Al fled give real research postgraduate students through active participation in solving engineering problems in the future.
  4. To provide an additional source of funding for the faculty this can be exploited in the development of various facilities.
    The bureau began its consulting business with a low level. The reason may be the geographical location of the office because it is located in the district of Koya, which is close to the city of Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, which contains the largest university (Salahaddeen University), in addition to poverty in the laboratory, especially since the establishment of the bureau. But our hope is to strengthen this bureau so that the office will be effective and famous with the high level.

Contact Information:
بە کوردی