Experimental Reservoir Engineering Work book

After we had received our new tools and equipments for both reservoir and drilling lab, and after we had a received a one week training course for about 30 new equipment by Vinci Company at our university base, frankly speaking we didn’t get quite benefit during the course because it was very short, as I think we need at least two months for doing such course, but any way I saw that our staff mostly depending on me for getting more explanation in the future. But really it was a big responsibility and it was very difficult for me to learn the students and my lab staff about all these equipments in a short time. Based on that I made a plan to operate and make a test procedure for each equipment with the time starting from October, 2013 till the end of April 2014. The result of my work on this project was, I have successfully reached my goal in writing a special book with all test procedure, calculations, theories, and operating softwares, learning the reservoir lab staff and all the 3rd stage student also based on that plan.    

Details of the book 
This book (Experimental Reservoir Engineering Work Book) is related %100 to our reservoir lab tools and equipments, I have started in my book with some international standard of inductions on laboratory safety, first aid, safety rules and many other important instructions that will make the student be more familiar with all tools and equipment, which we can build a normal positive relation between the students and the teaching staff of the lab.
The second part are consist of seven main tests that have been conducted during this year, these tests can cover 22 weeks of lab works which through them the students can learn to deal correctly to work as a reservoir engineer on all types of core samples that come out from the oil wells starting from 
  • Handling the core
  • Cutting the cores
  • Making different sizes of core plugs
  • Cleaning the cores
  • Drying the cores
  • Saturating the cores 
  • Determine the porosities (absolute, effective)
  • Finding all types of permeability's (air and liquid)
  • Relation between air and liquid permeability
  • De-saturating of cores samples 
  • Finding capillary pressure relations
And in between of course there main tests there was many other or miner tests that was done through using this nice and new lab
I have arranged my book based on our tools and equipments with balance between what they had got in theoretical lectures …have to implement them in the lab practically by them hand.
This book have been established for my reservoir engineering lab at Koya University, it is our work and effort, I am sure that we have to do more and this is a small part of our responsibility.    

Ali Kamal
Petroleum Department
Faculty of Engineering
Koya University