Exploring FENG

Faculty of Engineering was established in 2004 under the name of College of Engineering; during two years its departments increased to six departments. In 2010, the management and scientific system of Koya University changed into Faculty instead of colleges that means It now comprises of seven departments: Civil Engineering Department, Geo technical Engineering Department, Architectural Engineering Department; Petroleum Engineering Department, Chemical Engineering Department, Manufacturing Engineering department and Software Engineering Department. Moreover, Faculty of Engineering has Scientific Research Center, Engineering Consultancy Bureau, Laboratories unit, Quality Assurance unit, Curriculum Development unit, IT unit, Health & Safety Unit, Accounting Unit and P.G.S Affairs unit.
Faculty of Engineering works for the fulfillment of some vivid objectives such as using University potentials to serve the benefits of Koya town and Kurdistan Region, and establishing scientific potentials of students in a way that is the same as the world standards on the studying programs implemented by developed countries.
To fulfill the above mentioned objectives, Faculty of Engineering continuously endeavors to strengthen its relations with the field of industry and well known universities in Asian, Europe Countries and America. For example, in the past few years delegations of German Freiburg University, Britain Sheffield and Leicester University, Wales /UK Universities, University of Salford Manchester, American Michigan University, Italian Politecnico Di Milano University, Malaysian Malay University, University Sains Malaysia, Iranian Tehran Medical University, and four Universities of Poland have visited Faculty of Engineering. It is predicted that in the near future the products of these relations will be seen.