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Scientific and Postgraduate Affairs Unit (SPA)

Within the structure of Faculty of Engineering (FENG), Scientific and Postgraduate Affairs Unit (SPA) is responsible on higher education and scientific activities.
It also comes as a corner of a committee that known as a follow up committee in FENG. In both situations, the unit has a direct relation with the dean office. From the other hand, the unit can also communicate with head of departments in FENG. It is the connection point between departments and dean office for everything related to higher education issues.

Within the structure of the follow up committee, the unit has a strong interrelation and cooperation with the other three units; curriculum unit, TQA unit, and research center unit. The aim of these relations is to ensure that the followed curricula can reach their vision, mission, and objectives. While its cooperation with TQA is just for improving the quality assurance of teachers, its cooperation with research center is working on different directions of researches.

The tasks and duties for this unit can be arranged as ongoing duties and planned duties. For the ongoing one, duties can be summarized as below:
  1. For every new academic year, the unit is working with departments for preparing their requirement plans about attaching new students to higher education programs (MSc / PhD degree).
  2. Processing requests that might be submitted by enrolled higher education students regarding managerial or financial aspects, or anything that might prevent their study progress.
  3. Recording the status of each student that enrolled in FoE higher education program.
  4. Providing dean office, and head of departments with a monthly report about the status of study leave for each enrolled student.
  5. For the future plan of this unit, below duties have been proposed.
  6. Building an information bank about all scientific meeting minutes that drafted as decisions of department’s scientific committees about some concerned problems.
  7. Improving or developing the process of undergraduate summer training course so that students can get better outcomes.
Finally, this unit achieves all these duties and tasks through activities of two members. For more information about this unit, please contact us.

Dr. Goran Abdulrahman Muhammed

Officer of Scientific and Postgraduate Affairs Unit

Contact Information:
بە کوردی