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Curriculum Development Unit

The Curriculum Development unit (CDU) in the Faculty of Engineering (FoE) was established in 2011 . The University Curriculum Development Directorate supervises four curriculum development units which are distributed on four Faculties. The CDU in FoE consists of a director and seven members.
The objectives of the CDU are to:
  • Review and update the curricula and syllabi of the school´s and departments´ programs.
  • Achieving balance between the labs and theory with emphasis on other aspects of engineering such as research, critical thinking, problem solving, management and leadership.

The scope of the CDU is to:
  • Describe the syllabus and course book for each subject in the different departments.
  • Involve the interaction between lecturers and learners, between learners and curriculum content.
We intend to apply scientific methods and principles to the task of updating, progress and improvement of teaching, research and training programs.

The unit is working to:
  • Create a short time plan for the FoE and all Departments (5 years) that make a balance between teaching, research and training hours according to standardized measurements for staff workload model and student workload following the application of Full-Time Equivalent students (FTEs) plan.
  • Specify the subjects that are suitable for applying Problem Based Learning (PBL).
  • The CDU coordinate with the departments' scientific committees to document and overcome any problems or difficulties which may occur.
  • Follow-up the application of Academic Debate subject to be based on searching and applying basic principles of academic writing.
It is important for the CDU to have benchmarking with higher ranking universities curricula with pursuing every development that supports our needs and objectives.

Officer of Curriculum Development Unit

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