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Health and Safety Unit

The Health and Safety Unit at the faculty of Engineering was established on February 2014. As part of the developing plan of Koya University, it is decided to expand its Directorate of Health and Safety to include all of its faculties. Hence, the Faculty of Engineering has been at the forefront to develop such a new administrative unit at their Facility.

The Aim of this Unit is to provide necessary guides and regulations for all staff / students of FENG so that they know about health and safety matters. This will also allow us to monitor who has done the training and those that may need further assistance.
All workers and visitors to the University of Koya are entitled to work in environments where risks to their health and safety are properly controlled. Under health and safety law, the primary responsibility for this is with employers.

In general, each one have a duty to take care of his own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by his actions. Health and safety legislation, therefore, requires employers and workers to cooperate.
If you have specific queries on health and safety in your workplace, first ask your manager or, if you prefer, your Safety Officer or Safety representative.
Another important role of this Unit is to set and monitor all related Health and Safety measurements, Legislations regarding to the laboratories of the faculty. Hence, this can be done properly by building strong bridges with all staff and technicians who work there beside the good cooperation with the Laboratories Unit at the Faculty of Engineering.

  1. Health and Safety Unit Objectives 
  2. Organise Health and Safety meetings termly and according to the necessity and priority.
  3. Sharing of information within Faculty staff and other coordinators on Accidents/incidents and remedial measures.
  4. Periodically review actions from risk assessments, these are recorded on our SHE (safety, health & environmental) posters.
  5. Identify those staff who require special training.
  6. Co-ordinate risk assessments in specified areas.
  7. Co-ordinate audits/reviews.
  8. Carry out a risk assessment to identify the required number of First Aiders for each unit and ensure they are fully trained and organise refresher training as and when required.

Officer of Health and Safety Unit

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