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IT Unit

    IT Unit in Faculty of engineering was established on September 2013. The main reason behind opening this unit was to change things into the world of digitizing and an example among these is the process of digitizing the Faculty’s structure and collecting all the data in one single Database. In addition to that, the unit tries to support the staff and students and raise their IT capacity. Also, the IT unit connects all the departments and schools within the faculty through using Group mail and notifying them about latest announcements and changes that happen regularly. On the one hand, the unit raises, develops and improves Computer capacity among the Staff and students in both hardware and software. On the other hand, maintenance is also part of the main duties in which the unit takes care a lot because PCs usually need maintenance for they have to be reformatted and cleaned. Despite the fact that, the unit also distributes and sets the new computers that will be sent to the faculty every now and then. Although, the IT staff is only comprised of two staff, a representative and an assistant but still everything goes well and the staff works on tasks as they are required to. Establishing and arranging Internet connection both wireless and cable is also on the IT staff shoulders and in case of any problem the staff works on the problem and takes care of it so as to fix it as soon as possible. Furthermore, the Faculty website updates will be done by IT staff whether it is adding a new article or changing an existing article and etc. the mission doesn’t stop here, the IT unit also makes sure of having a good security system by setting CCTV in some specific areas inside and outside the faculty so as to assure that nothing wrong happens and stop any sabotage action.

The vision of the unit is to help the faculty on progressing and developing staff’s IT capacity so as to make them to be familiar with the use of the latest IT developments, for example, instead of exchanging printed documents and waste a lot of time, the unit tries to help them and encourage them to use email or cloud for exchanging documents which easier and faster than the usual way. In addition, we can even edit document right on cloud without download or re-upload the document that we are working on and this helps us save more time and do other things instead.                     

IT Unit Objectives:
  • Administrating and maintaining the intranet and internet provision of the Faculty of Engineering, and administrating the Faculty website.
  • To train both staff and students on various computer applications.
  • To create, operate and develop the Faculty databases.
  • To promote, develop and maintain computer ability of the Faculty both in Software and hardware.
  • To help in the Faculty prints.

Officer of IT Unit

Contact Information:
به كوردى