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Laboratories Unit

The mission:
Graduation generation of engineers with high professionalism are able to manage the process of construction and reconstruction in the Kurdistan region

The laboratory unit in the faculty of engineering containing twenty-four laboratories and characterized by scientific and research activities and advisory, Laboratories play active role in the development of scientific output and preliminary studies, graduate students, from the other side those laboratories opened channels of interaction with the community by conducting laboratory tests for many engineering projects related to government departments and institutions

In the laboratory works in a number of engineers and technicians who have accumulated experience in conducting laboratory tests of various kinds.

The Duties of laboratories Unit:

  1. Supervision of laboratory and practical lessons and stand on the problems of practical experiment and follow the application instructions Occupational Safety
  2. Supervision of contracts processing machinery and equipment
  3. Supervision of training
  4. Receipt and final acceptance of the devices
  5. Submit periodic reports to the Projects Development Unit University 
  6. The obligation to provide all the requirements of experiments and test material
  7. Follow-up buildings in terms of appropriate laboratory buildings of practical experiment.
Officer of Laboratories Unit

Contact Information:
به كوردى