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Quality Assurance Unit

In general (Quality Assurance Program) is designed to reach several goals that include the following:
  • Instill confidence in the value of the certificates awarded to students by the universities and institutes of the Kurdistan Region.
  • Assure the public that the quality of education and lectures offered by universities and institutes are up to par and on a level or near to the level of those offered by international universities.
  • Support students during taking their courses of study;
  • Writing reports, reviewing, following up, observing, filing, decision-making, and sometimes examining the lecture contents and methodology.
     The Teaching Quality Assurance (TQA) program involves highlighting both the weaknesses and strengths of all aspects of the work of the university: administration, teaching and learning. Based on input, training, and outcomes, a high standard of education can be achieved and maintained through this viable and proven TQA program.

     The mission is to assure students of the academic standards offered within the university.

    The vision is to create an environment in which members of society believe in the education, learning, and research processes of the higher education system. And the objective is to attain a high standard and developing them in away so that they reach the standards of excellence for which international universities are well-known.

  • Performance of Academic (Teaching) Staff (Assessment)

To assure the academic level of the certificate that the college will award it, and to ensure the goals of Quality Assurance and the improvements of learning outcomes of student, assessment will be conducted. The student feedback, the assessment of the head of department (now developed to Teacher’s Portfolio) and the Continuous Academic Development (CAD) Points (scores) of activities collected by teacher during the academic year. These processes and their evaluations are illustrated in the following sections.
1. Teaching Quality Assurance
  • Course-book
  • Student feedback
  • Continuous Academic Development (CAD)
  • Teacher’s Portfolio
  • Peer Review
  • Question Bank
2. Program Development (Curriculum)
  • Credit hours
  • Introduction of some fundamental courses such as English languages and Critical Thinking for the first year students.
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