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Workshop Unit

We would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Engineering workshops unit (FENG-WU) home page. The WU established in 2014 as a part of academic units in the Faculty of Engineering, Koya University. One of the objectives of the faculty of engineering at Koya University is to create engineers who have a good knowledge about workshop activities in terms of man, machine, material, methods, and other infrastructure facilities. The workshop considers a bridge of connection between the society and the academic institutions through training courses carried out by the unit, which contributes to link the university to the labor market and its integration into the community. 

The workshops at FENG are composed from the following: 
Objectives of workshops
  1. Develop the practical and handwork skills for the engineering students.
  2. Develop the students' abilities to perform a mental skill and the Psychomotor Skills, these two skills help them after graduating in the real life work environment.
  3. Increase the abilities of the connection between the theoretical and practical courses.
  4. Prepare a real life work environment for undergraduate and postgraduate students to perform their researches.
  5. Linking the university with the private sector in order to find a solution to problems in the market labor.
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