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The Third Stage DCHE Students have Achieved an Important Scientific Visit

posted Mar 15, 2018, 9:41 AM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Mar 15, 2018, 9:42 AM ]

On Thursday 20th February 2018, the third stage DCHE students have visited the Coca Cola Company in Erbil. The scientific trip has been supervised by Mr. Fakhri Ibrahim (Industrial Expert - DCHE), Ms. Srwa Khaleel and Eng. Pavel Abdalla. The scientific program has been arranged very well by the Human Resources Department at Coca Cola factory. Indeed, the factory was certified by ISO 9001 for quality management system and ISO 14000 for environmental regulations. All the Koya University students and the academic staff have wear a specific safety suit that provided by the company. Moreover, the program includes a presentation that was held in an arranged seminars hall about the Cola history, introduction and specifications. The students were divided into two groups, one visits the process flow site while the other group visits the quality control lab, then exchange their location. At 2:00 pm a seminar was introduced about the factory products followed by a speech to the HR manager Mr. Kanie regarding the summer training process and available jobs.


2017 EIOGI Conference Papers have been Published in IEEE Xplore Digital Library

posted Jan 31, 2018, 10:53 AM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Jan 31, 2018, 10:57 AM ]

On Thursday 25th January 2018, the accepted research papers in the 2017 International Conference on Environmental Impacts of the Oil and Gas Industries: Kurdistan Region of Iraq as a Case Study (EIOGI) have been published in IEEE Xplore digital library. Moreover, each paper has given a unique DOI number and to be indexed in several global research indexing organisations. 2017 EIOGI conference is held in 17-19 April 2017 at Koya University. The conference was quite unique in the region and Iraq. Many important research papers have been submitted to the conference that related to the effects of oil and gas industry on the environment.

Details on the conference can be found through the following links:

The New Head of Civil Engineering Department has Enrolled Her Post

posted Jan 31, 2018, 10:38 AM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Jan 31, 2018, 10:40 AM ]

On Sunday 28th January 2018, in the presence of the dean of the Faculty of Engineering Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed H. S. Zangana, Dean Assistant Dr. Galawezh Bakr Bapir and the Civil Engineering Department teaching staff, Mrs. Sheelan Abdulwahid Ahmed the new head of the Civil Engineering Department has enrolled her post.

ڕۆژی یەک شەممە بەرواری ٢٠١٨/١/٢٨ بە ئامادەبوونی بەڕێز پ.ی.د. محمد حسیب زەنگەنە ڕاگری فاکەڵتیمان و بەڕێز یاریدەدەری ڕاگر و مامۆستایانی بەشی ئەندازيارى شارستانی بەڕێز م. شیلان عبدالواحد احمد وەک سەرۆک بەشی شارستانی دەست بەکاربوو.


Gazprom Neft Visited FENG - Koya University

posted Jan 26, 2018, 3:47 PM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Jan 26, 2018, 3:48 PM ]

On Tuesday 23rd January 2018, the Gazprom Neft representative Mr. Sergei Mikhailov has visited the faculty of Engineering at Koya University and he is welcomed and met by the Dean of Faculty of Engineering Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed H. S. Zangana, in the presence of the Dean Assistant Dr. Galaweez B. Bapir, the head of Petroleum Engineering Department Dr. Soran S. Hussein and the head of Chemical Engineering Department Mr. Ribwar K. Abdulrahman.

Mr. Sergey Mikhailov is the HR department manager at Gazprom Neft - Middle East Section. During the meeting Several important ways of collaboration have been discussed for example, summer internship and technical training courses for both Petroleum and Chemical Engineering departments students. holding training courses for Gazprom Neft technical staff at Faculty of Engineering - Koya University, specially for fresh employment staff. Furthermore, both sides have confirmed on strengthening the academic and scientific relationships between Koya University and Russian Universities in all fields, specially in oil and gas engineering field.

نوێنەری کۆمپانیای گاز پڕۆم سەردانی زانکۆی کۆیەی کرد
ڕۆژی سێشەممە بەرواری 2018/1/23 سێرگی میخائیلۆف سەردانی زانکۆی کۆیەی کرد، لە لایەن بەڕێز پ.ى.د. محەمەد زەنگەنە ڕاگری فاکەڵتی ئەندازیاری پێشوازی لێکرا بە ئامادەبوونی یاریدەدەری ڕاگری فاکەڵتی و سەرۆک بەشی ئەندازیاری نەوت و سەرۆک بەشی ئەندازیاری کیمیاوی.

سێرگی میخائیلۆف لێپرسراوی سەرچاوە مرۆییەکانی کۆمپانیای گازپڕۆم نەفتە لە ڕۆژهەڵاتی ناوەڕاست کە ئۆفیسی سەرەکیان لە ئیماڕاتی عەرەبییە؛ لەم سەردانەدا باس لە شێوازی هاوکارییەکان کرا بەتایبەت لە بواری مەشق و ڕاهێنان بە خوێندکارانی بەشەکانی ئەندازیاری نەوت و کیمیاوی، وە هەروەها مەشق کردن بە ستافی کۆمپانیای ناوبراو بەتایبەت ئەوانەی دەست بەکار ئەبن لە کۆمپانیا؛ هەر لەم کۆبوونەوەدا باس لە دروست کردن و تووندو و تۆڵکردنی پەیوەندییەکان کرا لەگەڵ زانکۆکانی ڕووسیا، بەتایبەتی لە بواری نەوت و گاز.


International Workshop on Gas Flares: Application, Design, Operation and Emissions Monitoring, IWGF 2018

posted Jan 17, 2018, 12:35 AM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Jan 17, 2018, 12:39 AM ]

International Workshop on Gas Flares: Application, Design, Operation and Emissions Monitoring, IWGF 2018
24th – 26th February 2018

About the Workshop

Gas flares provide for safe emergency release of purged or waste gases from refineries, unrecoverable gases from oil wells, blast furnaces gases, coke oven gases, and waste gases from chemical plants. Flares also process waste gases from sewage digesters, coal and bio-mass gasifiers and fertilizer plants. Gas flares safely dispose of vapor streams by “combusting” them under controlled conditions to minimize impact on nearby equipment or personnel while meeting environmental regulations and public relations requirements. Gas flaring in Russia, Iraq, and Iran represented approximately 39% of the 1,500 billion cubic meters of gas flared world-wide in 2016. The international workshop on gas flares (IWGF) workshop that will be held at Koya University is designed to provide information on flare design and operation with a focus on emissions monitoring and control in the oil and gas industry. Therefore, it is expected to attract a high number of Flare Engineers and Operators from oil and gas industry, Construction, HSE and Process Experts from over Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries.

Workshop Topics

  • Introduction to Flares: Assisted and non-assisted flares, Enclosed flares, Multi-Tip Ground flares.
  • Flare Tips, Stack Height, Gas Seal Design and Application.
  • Flare Specifications and Process Description.
  • Required Flare Stack Height for Radiation and Pollutant Emissions.
  • Flare Monitoring and Emissions Estimation.
  • Flare Plume Analysis for Atmospheric Conditions and their impact on Emissions.
  • Flare Safety Regulations for Emissions, Noise and Radiation.
  • Design and Control Strategies.


Main Speakers

  • Dr. Joseph D. Smith, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, Missouri USA.
  • Pat Keegan, Elevated Analytics/Air Stations, Tulsa USA.
  • Scot Smith, Zeeco, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma USA.
  • Robert Jackson, Elevated Analytics/Air Stations, Provo, Utah USA.
  • Dr. Mohammed H. S. Zangana, Koya University, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.







Until the workshop Dates



Workshop Venue

Koya University, Faculty of Engineering, Koya, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Contact: iwgf@koyauniversity.org

A Meeting Conducted with the First Stage Students

posted Dec 7, 2017, 1:53 PM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Dec 8, 2017, 2:29 PM ]

On Monday 4th December 2017, in the presence of the dean of the Faculty of Engineering Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed H. S. Zangana, the dean assistant Dr. Galawezh Bakr Bapir, head of departments and teaching staff a meeting has conducted with the first stage students of all departments. In the meeting, information is given to students about the Faculty of Engineering and studying at Koya University.

ڕۆژی دووشەممە بەرواری 4/12/2017 بەڕێز پ.ی.د. محمد حسیب زەنگەنە ڕاگری فاکەڵتی و یاریدەدەری ڕاگر و سەرۆک بەشەکان و بەشێک لە مامۆستایان کۆبوونەوەیەکیان ئەنجامدا لەگەڵ گشت خوێندکارانی قۆناغی یەکی فاکەڵتی ئەندازیاری، لەم کۆبوونەوەیەدا خوێندکاران زانیارییان پێدرا لەسەر فاکەڵتی ئەندازیاری و خوێندن لە زانکۆی کۆیە.


Symposium "Manufacturing: The Foundation of Great Power"

posted Dec 7, 2017, 9:33 AM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Dec 7, 2017, 9:34 AM ]

Manufacturing department has conducted a symposium entitled “Manufacturing: The Foundation of Great Power” on Monday 27/11/2017. In the symposium several topics have presented regarding manufacturing engineering and identifying the necessity of manufacturing and industry for Kurdistan and Iraq in different aspects.

They recommended for more interest for industrial and manufacturing engineering departments in Kurdistan universities, and they indicated the impact of industry on the economy and job opportunities.

Finally, the speakers focused on the future of manufacturing in the world, such as industry 4.

بە مەبەستی زیاتر ناساندنی بەشی دروستکردن لە فاکەڵتی ئەندازیاری، ڕۆژی دووشەممە بەرواری 27/11/2017 وۆرکشۆپێک ئەنجام درا، ئەم وۆرکشۆپە لەلایەن مامۆستایانی شارەزا و ئەکادیمی بەشی دروستکردنەوە پێشکەش کرا.

ئەم وۆرکشۆپە چەند بابەتێکی گرنگی لەخۆ گرت، بابەتەکان بریتی بوون لە ناساندی بەشی ئەندازیاری دروستکردن و گرنگی ئەو بەشە لە زۆر ڕووەوە، هەروەها چۆن خوێندکاران بتوانن  پەرە بدەن بە بەهرەکانیان و بتوانن توانا شاراوەکانیان و ئەو زانستەی کە وەری ئەگرن پڕاکتیزە بکەن.

لەم وۆرکشۆپەکەدا جەخت لەوە کرایەوە کە زۆر گرنگە پەرە بدرێت بە بەشە پیشەسازییەکان و کەرتی پیشەسازی و ئاڕاستەبوون بەرەو پیشەسازی وڵات، ئەمە کاریگەری ئێجگار گرنگی ئەبێت بۆ سەر ئابوری وڵات و دروستبونی هەلی کار و داهاتوی وڵات.

هەروەها لە وۆرکشۆپەکەدا باسی داهاتوی بواری دروستکردن و پیشەسازی کرا ئەو بیرۆکانەی هەن بۆ پێشکەوتنی کەرتی پیشەسازی لەجیهاندا.


An Important Workshop will be Held on Manufacturing: The Foundation of Global Great Power

posted Nov 24, 2017, 11:08 AM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Nov 24, 2017, 11:09 AM ]

The TQA Office at FENG would like to invite you all to attend an important workshop that will be held on Monday 27th November 2017 in Dr. Nazim Hall at 09:00 AM till 12:00 noon.

Workshop Title: Manufacturing: The Foundation of Global Great Power

The workshop will be held by the following colleagues:
1. Dr. Diyar Omar Kaka (Head of Manufacturing Engineering Department)
2. Dr. Rastee D. Ali (Dr.-Ing. in Manufacturing Process Engineering)
3. Mr. Fakhri H. Ibraheem (Industrial Expert)

The attendance is for the lecturers of the faculty of engineering and the students of the manufacturing department.

The New Head of Geotechnical Engineering Department has Enrolled His Post

posted Nov 24, 2017, 10:27 AM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Nov 24, 2017, 10:27 AM ]

On Tuesday 21th November 2017, in the presence of the dean of the Faculty of Engineering Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed H. S. Zangana, Dean Assistant Dr. Galawezh Bakr Bapir and the Geotechnical Engineering Department teaching staff, Dr. Bestun Jumaa Nareeman the new head of the Geotechnical Engineering Department has enrolled his post.

ڕۆژی سێ شەممە بەرواری ٢٠١٧/١١/٢١ بە ئامادەبوونی بەڕێز پ.ی.د. محمد حسیب زەنگەنە ڕاگری فاکەڵتیمان و بەڕێز یاریدەدەری ڕاگر و مامۆستایانی بەشی ئەندازيارى جیۆتەکنیک بەڕێز د. بێستون جمعە نەریمان وەک سەرۆک بەشی جیۆتەکنیک دەست بەکاربوو.

SPE Students Chapter at Koya University held an Important Seminar Titled SPE Visions and Future at Koya University Chapter

posted Nov 20, 2017, 9:27 AM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Nov 20, 2017, 10:09 AM ]

On Wednesday, 15th November 2017 the SPE students chapter at Koya University has held an important seminar titled "SPE Visions and future at Koya University chapter ". The seminar has been presented by the chapter president Abbas Al-Khayat, the vice president Ms. Esra Khurshid, the secretary Xalat Muhammad and the treasurer Sarwar Abdulrahman. The seminar was discussed and described several important topics for example, chapter plan and the future agenda. Moreover, many students from the Petroleum Engineering Department have attended beside the attending of the dean of the Faculty of Engineering Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed H. S. Zangana, the head of Petroleum Engineering Department Dr. Soran Sabah Hussein and the Petroleum Engineering Department teaching staff.


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