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A Unique Engineering Painting Exhibition has been Held at FENG

posted Dec 8, 2018, 3:02 PM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Dec 8, 2018, 3:05 PM ]

The directorate of Media at Koya University with the cooperation of the Peru NGO has held an important and unique Engineering painting exhibition. On Wednesday 05th December 2018, the exhibition has been opened by the dean of FENG Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed H. S. Zangana. Moreover, many of the heads of FENG departments, tutors and students have attended the opening ceremony. In this exhibition, many of the Mr. Ibrahim Yassin paintings have been showed for the audience.

Mr. Abdulrazaq Z. Menshid who is a tutor at Department of Architecture Engineering (DARE) said "this type of art exhibition can benefit the Architecture Engineering students, specially 1st and 2nd stages. Moreover, the art is also contributed in our specialization as architectures". Hussain Hasan is one of 3rd stage Architecture Engineering Department students, said "definitely this type of art exhibition is so beneficial for Architecture Engineering Department students because we are already studied this type of painting in our program".

Mr. Hawraz Rafeq who is one of Peru NGO staff and he also one of Koya University art centre said "the main aim of holding this exhibition is to mixing the engineering sector with art sector because they are both sharing same concept, thus, we chosen FENG to hold this exhibition". He also said “Architecture and civil Engineering work are both sharing several similarities and it is required from the artist to thought like and engineering and engineer also is needed to thought like artist. Thus, our aim is that to create such relationship between artist and engineering". He also said that our exhibition will be opened for five days.

Prepared and Photographed by: Bandi Luqman

بەڕێوەبەرايەتى ڕاگەياندنى زانكۆ بە هاوكارى ڕێكخراوى پێرو بۆ كارى هونەرى پێشانگايەكى شێوەكارى كردەوە تايبەت بە بابەتەكانى خوێندنى ئەندازيارى.

ڕۆژی چوارشەممە ڕێكەوتى 2018/12/5 لە فاکەڵتی ئەندازیاری زانکۆی کۆیە پێشەنگایەکی شێوەکاری کرایەوە بە ئامادەبوونی ڕاگری فاکەڵتی ئەندازیاری و سەرۆک بەشەکانی فاکەڵتی و مامۆستایان و خوێندکاران. ئەم پێشەنگایە لەلایەن ڕێکخراوی پیرو بۆکاری هونەری بە هاوکاری بەڕێوەبەرايەتى ڕاگەياندنى زانکۆی کۆیە ڕێکخرا بوو، لەم پێشەنگایەدا کارەکانی هونەرمەندی شێوەکار م. ابراهیم یاسین پیشان ئامادەبووان درا.

مامۆستا عبدالرزاق زامل منشد مامۆستا لە بەشی ئەندازیاری تەلارسازی دەڵێت" ئەم جۆرە پێشەنگایانە سوودی هەیە بۆ خوێندکارانی تەلارسازی بەتایبەت قۆناغەکانی یەک و دوو" هەروەها دەڵێت "پسپۆری ئێمە وەک تەلارسازی هەردوولای هەیە هەم یاساکانی ئەندازیاری تیایە هەم یاساکانی هونەر، ئەم پێشەنگایەی ئەمڕۆ پرس پەکتبی تیایە لەم کارە هونەرییە ئێمە لە بەشی تەلارسازی دەرسیشمان هەیە وەک دەرسی پرس پەکتب کە یاسای تایبەت بە خۆی هەیە، بۆيە بەدڵنیاییەوە خوێندکارانمان سوود دەبینن لەم پێشەنگایە".

هەروەها خوێندكار حسین حسن خوێندكارى قۆناغی سێی بەشی تەلارسازی دەڵێت "ئەم جۆرە پێشەنگایانە بەدڵنیاییەوە سودی دەبێت بۆ خوێندكاران چونکە ئەمە یەکێکە لە وانەکان لە بەشی تەلارسازی کە دەیخوێنین".

مامۆستا هەوراز رەفیق لە ڕێکخراوی پێرو و سەنتەری هونەری زانکۆی کۆیە دەڵێت "ئامانجی ئێمە لەکردنەوەی ئەم پێشەنگایە زیاتر تێکەڵاوکردنی سێکتەری ئەندازیاری و هونەرییە چونکە ئەم دووبەشە دووپارچەی زۆر لێک نزیک و لێک دانەبراون وە کارەکانی ئەم پێشەنگایە زیاتر گوزارشت ئەکات لەبابەتە ئەندازیارییەکان بۆیە ئێمە فاکەڵتی ئەندازیاریمان هەڵبژارد لە زانکۆی کۆیە".

هەروەها دەڵێت"کارەکانی بەشی تەلارسازی و شارستانی زۆر لێک نزیکن، پێویستە هونەرمەند ئەندازیار بێت و ئەندازیاریش هونەرمەند بێت بۆیە ئێمە ئامانجمانە ئەم هەماهەنگییە دروست کەینەوە لە نێوانی هونەر و ئەندازیاری و پێشەنگایەکەشمان پێنج ڕۆژ بەردەوام دەبێت".

وێنە و ئامادەكردن: بەندى لوقمان


2nd Stage DCHE Students Held a Scientific Visit to Sulaymaniah Power Plant

posted Dec 8, 2018, 2:23 PM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Dec 8, 2018, 2:24 PM ]

On Thursday 29 Novemebr 2018, an important scientific visit has been arranged for the second stage DCHE students to visit  Sulaymaniah combined cycle power plant Company in Chamchamal and the trip has been supervised by Ms. Lameha Abdulkareem Ali (Director of both Health and Safety and Laboratories units at FENG) and Eng. Pavel Abdulla.

During the visit, the program has been arranged very well by the mechanical manager of the company and started by visiting the students as one group to the control room and continued for two hours, the students get a detailed explanation about how the process of the generating power will be done using a natural gas as a primary and diesel as a secondary source by both simple and combined cycle technology, also the role of a chemical engineer has been explained for the students by the manager of the unit. As the pure water needs to be used during the process, the major role for the chemical engineer in the company is to treat the water from any contaminations before using it. The trip ended with a detailed conservation between the students and the manager regarding the summer training, role of each engineer and how they apply to the vacancies.

Furthermore, Sulaymaniyah Combined Cycle Power Plant has a total capacity of 1500 MW and its One of Mass group Holding’s stations and selected on 2017 as the first combined cycle power plant in Iraq “Global Project Of The Year 2017”, as well as the “Best Global Project in Power/Industrial Category”, by the world reputable industry magazine, ENR (Engineering News Record) and it provides approximately 25% of the power demand of the Kurdistan Region.


FENG Council Visited the Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

posted Nov 27, 2018, 3:48 PM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Nov 27, 2018, 3:49 PM ]

On Monday, 26th November 2018 Faculty of Engineering Council led by the dean Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed H. S. Zangana visited Assist. Prof. Dr. Shwan Omer Khudhur to congratulate him as the new dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

ڕۆژی دوو شەممە ڕێکەوتی ۲٦ تشرینی دووەمی ۲٠۱۸ ئه‌نجومه‌نی فاكه‌ڵتی ئه‌ندازیاری به‌ سه‌رۆكایه‌تی به‌ڕێز پ. ی. د. محمد حسیب زه‌نگه‌نه‌ ڕاگری فاكه‌ڵتی ئه‌ندازیاری سه‌ردانی به‌ڕێز پ. ی. د. شوان عمر یان كرد به‌ مه‌به‌ستی پیرۆزبایی كردن به‌ بۆنه‌ی ده‌ست به‌كاربوونی وه‌ك ڕاگری فاكه‌ڵتی زانسته‌ مرۆڤایه‌تی و كۆمه‌ڵایه‌تییه‌كان.


A German Scientific Delegation from Freiberg University of Mining and Technology Visited Koya University

posted Nov 27, 2018, 3:19 PM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Nov 27, 2018, 3:20 PM ]

On Thursday, 22nd November 2018. A German scientific delegation from Freiberg University of Mining and Technology has visited Koya University. The delegation is consisted of Professor Dr. Mohammed Amro the Director of the Institute of Drilling Engineering and Fluid Mining at Freiberg University of Mining and Technology and Ms. Manuela Junghans the Services for international students and PhD students at Freiberg University of Mining and Technology.

Firstly, the German scientific delegation has visited the Faculty of Engineering, welcomed by the dean of Faculty of Engineering Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed H. S. Zangana, the Petroleum and Chemical engineering departments tutors.

Then delegation has visited the Presidency of Koya University and has been welcomed by the president of Koya University and the V.P for Scientific and Postgraduate Affairs and the head of Koya University foreign affairs, several scientific and academic topics have been discussed and both sides have confirmed the importance of such relationships between both universities.

Then the German delegation has visited the modern laboratories of faculty of engineering that related to both chemical and petroleum engineering department. Moreover, the delegation was so happy to see such modern and important engineering laboratories at the faculty of engineering. 

Moreover, the Professor Dr. Mohammed Amro the Director of the Institute of Drilling Engineering and Fluid Mining at Freiberg University of Mining and Technology has also presented an important seminar for 4th stages students and tutors at chemical and petroleum engineering as well at Dr. Nadhim hall - FENG, the presentation title: Digitalization in Oil Fields: Advantages and Challenges.

Mr. Haval R. Hawez is one of petroleum engineering departed tutors said, the academic and scientific relationships between the universities are quite important that contribute in increasing and develop the scientific knowledge of the tutors and students as well, for example, the MOU between Koya University and from Freiberg University of Mining and Technology will be quite beneficial for the tutors and students in exchanging the recent information and scientific knowledge between both universities for example, holding conferences and academic exchange program as well. Thus, I would like to thanks the presidency of Koya University and faculty of Engineering as well.

Mr. Ribwar Kermanj Abdulrahman the head of chemical engineering department said, indeed, it is my pleasure to see such important and beneficial seminars that related to the modern oil and gas industry topics and possess huge scientific an academic benefits for our tutors and students as well. 

Kozhin Sarok is a student at petroleum engineering department said, these types of seminars give students more imagination and ideas about the modern and news topics that related to oil and gas industry.

The Scientific German delegation has visited the TTOPCO oil company with the dean of faculty of engineering and the heads of petroleum and chemical engineering departments. Furthermore, they met the operation manager of the company Mr. Jacques SORET and discussed the future scientific cooperation among them.

Professor Dr. Mohammed Amro said, the main aim of visiting Koya University is to build a strong relationship between both Universities and defiantly to increase the scientific and academic relationship in the near future.

Moreover, he also said, the he was so surprised when he saw the modern Laboratories at faculty of engineering that related to chemical and petroleum engineering departments. I also spurred when I discussed some of faculty of engineering students during my seminar when I saw their high scientific level and massive knowledge.


AICHE Student Chapter at Koya University Starting Holding an Important Training Course

posted Nov 24, 2018, 11:16 AM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Nov 24, 2018, 11:30 AM ]

On Sunday 11th November 2018, the AICHE Student Chapter at Koya University has held an important training course for DCHE student’s title: Safety In Industry Utilities with supporting and supervision of the head of Chemical Engineering department Mr. Ribwar Kermanj Abdulrahman and the chapter head Ms. Rubar Othman Abdullah and the cooperation and support of DCHE lecturers:

1. Fakhri Hamdullah Ibraheem ( AICHE- KOU Students Chapter Advisor)
2. Ms. Srwa Ibrahim Khaleel     (The DCHE Coordinator)
3. Mr. Brosk Frya Ali Zanga      (DPTE Lecturer and Industrial Safety Expert)
4. Ms. Lameha Abdulkarim Ali  (Head of Health and Safety Unit)

This course will be covered during 4 weeks, and at the end of course the participated students will receive official certificates.

كردنەوەى خولێكى سەلامەتى گرنگ لە لايەن چاپتەرى سەنديكاى ئەندازيارانى كيمياوى ئەمريكى لە زانكۆى كۆيە

ئەمڕۆ يەك شەممە ١١ى تشرينى دووەمى ٢٠١٨، چاپتەرى خوێندكارانى سەنديكاى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى زانكۆمان خولێكى گرنگى سەلامەتى كردەوە بۆ خوێندكارانى بەشى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى بە پاڵپشتى و سەرپەرشتى بەڕێز سەرۆكى بەشى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى م. ڕێبوار كرمانج عبدالرحمن و چاپتەرى خوێندكارانى سەنديكاى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى بەرێز خوێندكار ڕوبار عثمان عبداللە و بە هاوكارى مامۆستايانى بەشى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى:

١. م. فخرى حمدالله ابراهيم (سەرپەرشتيارى چاپتەر و شارەزا لە بوارى پيشەسازى)
٢. م.ی. سروە ابراهيم خليل (بڕياردەرى بەشى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى)
٣. م.ى. بروسك فريا زەنگەنە (مامۆستا لە بەشى ئە. نەوت و شارەزا لە بوارى سەلامەتى پيشەسازى)
٤. م.ى. لميعە عبدالكريم على ( لێپرسراوى يەكەى تەندروستى و سەلامەتى)

شايانى باسە ئەم خولە ماوەى چوار هەفتە دەخایەنێت و لە كۆتایى خولەكە بڕوانامە دابەش دەكرێت بەسەر بەشداربووان.


The New Head of Manufacturing Engineering Department has Enrolled His Post

posted Nov 24, 2018, 10:57 AM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Nov 24, 2018, 10:58 AM ]

On Monday 12th November 2018, in the presence of the dean of the Faculty of Engineering Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed H. S. Zangana, Dean Assistant Dr. Galawezh Bakr Bapir and the Manufacturing Engineering Department teaching staff, Dr. Zahid Omar Mustafa the new head of the Manufacturing Engineering Department has enrolled his post.

ڕۆژی دووشەممە بەرواری ٢٠١٨/١١/١٢ بە ئامادەبوونی بەڕێز پ.ی.د. محمد حسیب زەنگەنە ڕاگری فاکەڵتیمان و یاریدەدەری ڕاگر و مامۆستایانی بەشی دروستکردن، د. زاهد عمر مصطفی وەک سەرۆک بەشی دروستکردن دەست بەکاربوو.


Health and Safety Unit is Granted $32,900 by CRDF Global

posted Nov 9, 2018, 4:32 PM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Nov 9, 2018, 4:32 PM ]

The Health and Safety Unit at Faculty of Engineering is granted $32,900 by the CRDF Global (Civilian Research and Development Foundation). A special team has been nominated to achieve this grant which consisted of the dean of Faculty of Engineering Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed H. S. Zangana, the head of Health and Safety Unit Ms. Lameha Abdulkarim Ali, Mr. Fakhri Hamdullah Ibraheem and Mr. Soran Delawar Jalal. This grant has been given to provide a high quality chemical storage cabinets for Faculty of Engineering laboratories.

يەكەى تەندروستى و سەلامەتى لە فاكەڵتى ئەندازيارى گڕانتێك بە بڕى 32900 دۆلارى ئەمريكى وەردەگرێت
يەكەى تەندروستى و سەلامەتى لە فاكەڵتى ئەندازيارى بەسەرپەرشتى ڕاگرى فاكەڵتى ئەندازيارى بەرێز (پ.ى.د. محمد حسيب زەنگەنە) گڕانتێك بە بڕى 32.900 دۆلارى ئەمريكى وەردەگرێت لە دەزگاى CRDF Global (Civilian Research and Development Foundation) لە ڕێگاى تيمێكى فاكەڵتی ئەندازيارى كە پێك هاتوون لە بەرێز (م.ى. لميعە عبدالكريم على) لێپرسراوى يەكەى تەندروستى و سەلامەتى لە فاكەڵتى ئەندازيارى و بەڕێزان (م. فخرى حمداللە ابراهيم و م.ى. سۆران دلاوەر جلال) مامۆستا لە بەشى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى، شايەنى باسە ئەم گڕانتە تايبەتە بە دابين كردنى كابينەى تايبەت بە هەڵگرتن و پاراستنى مەوادى كيمياوى لە تاقيگەكانى فاكەڵتى ئەندازيارى.


SPE Students Chapter at Koya University held an Important Seminar on Fracture Modelling of the Main Limestone Reservoir Rocks

posted Nov 9, 2018, 4:20 PM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Nov 9, 2018, 4:21 PM ]

On Tuesday 06th November 2018, SPE Students Chapter at Koya University held an important seminar on Fracture modelling of the Main Limestone reservoir rocks in the Kirkuk anticline that presented by Assist. Prof. Dr. Shirzad B. Nazhat who is a Consultant & Founder of “International Energy Group”, Texas, USA, Up-stream Evaluations and he is also consultant in many other associations and groups.

ئه‌مڕۆ سێشه‌ممه‌ ڕێکەوتی (٢٠١٨/١١/٦)  له‌ هۆڵی نه‌شمیل چاپتەری زانکۆی کۆیەی کۆمەڵگای ئەندازیارانی نەوتی جیھانی به‌ هاوكاری به‌شی نه‌وت ھەڵسان بە ڕێکخستنی سیمینارێک بۆ د. شێرزاد بدیع نزهت، سەرۆکی گروپی ووزەی نێودەوڵەتی له‌ ویلایه‌ته‌ یه‌كگرتووه‌كانی ئه‌مریكا. له‌ سیمیناره‌كه‌دا باسی مۆدێلکردنی درزی خەزانەکانی نەوتی كرد لە کێڵگە نه‌وتییه‌كانی کەرکوک.


Workshop: The applications of Engineering Software in Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering

posted Nov 9, 2018, 3:52 PM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Nov 9, 2018, 3:56 PM ]

وۆركشۆپى بەكارهێنانى بەرنامە سميوليشنى ئەندازيارى لە بوارى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى و پێترۆكيمياوى

ڕۆژی ٢٤ ئایار ٢٠١٦ لە هۆڵی نەشمیل - فاکەڵتی ئەندازیاری وۆركشۆپێک ئەنجامدرا دەربارەی بەكارهێنانى بەرنامە سميوليشنى ئەندازيارى لە بوارى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى و پێترۆكيمياوى.

ئامانجى وۆركشۆپ
لەسەردەمى ئەمڕۆدا بەرنامەى سيموليشنى ئەندازيارى بەشێوەیەكى فراوان بەكاردێت لە زۆربەى كارگەكان و پاڵاوگە نەوتیيەكان بۆ مەبەستى ديزاين و ئەنجامدانى كۆمەڵێك خەملاندنى دارايى... لە ڕاستیدا كۆمەڵێك لە بەرنامەى سميوليشينى ئەندازيارى بەكاردەهێنرێت لە بوارى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى و پێترۆكيمياوى وەكو هايسيس و پرۆماكس. ئامانجى سەرەكى ئەم وۆكشۆپە ئاشناكردنى مامۆستا و خوێندكارانى بەشى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى و فاكەڵتى ئەندازيارییە بە نوێترين بەرنامەى سيميوليشنى ئەندازيارى لە بوارى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى و پێترۆكيمياوى و چۆنيەتى بەكارهێنانى لەڕووى زانستیيەوە وەكو ديزاينكردنى پرۆسە كيمياويەكە و ئەنجامدانى كۆمەڵە ژمێركارى تايبەت بەو جۆرە پڕۆسانە.

قسەكەرانى وۆركشۆپ
پ.ى.د. سيف طلال منجى (بەشى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى - فاكەڵتى ئەندازيارى - زانكۆى كۆيە)
م. رێبوار كرمانج عبد الرحمن (بەشى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى - فاكەڵتى ئەندازيارى - زانكۆى كۆيە)
م. فخرى حمدللە أبراهيم (بەشى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى - فاكەڵتى ئەندازيارى - زانكۆى كۆيە)

بەرنامەی وۆرکشۆپ


Presentation title

Tutor name

09:00 till 10:00 am

Introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics: A ChemicalEngineering Perspective

Saif T. Manji, PhD

10:00 till 11:00 am

Applications of P&ID AutoCAD in Industry

Fakhri H.  Ibraheem, Msc

11:00 till 12:00 noon

Promax process simulation software applicationsin natural gas processing engineering

Ribwar K. Abdulrahman, Msc

بەشێوەيەكى گشتى ئامادەبووانى ئەم وۆركشۆپە بريتی بوون لە مامۆستايانى فاكەڵتى ئەندازيارى بە تايبەتى مامۆستايانى بەشى كيمياوى و نەوت و خوێندكارانى بەشى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى.

The New Head of AICHE- KOU Students Chapter has been Elected

posted Oct 18, 2018, 1:36 PM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Oct 21, 2018, 2:54 PM ]

On Wednesday 17th October 2018 the new head of AICHE- KOU Students Chapter has been elected by the Chemical Engineering Department (DCHE) students - Faculty of Engineering at Koya University. The event has been held in Dr. Nazim hall at Faculty of Engineering with the attending of the Dean Assistant; Assistance Professor Dr. Galawezh Bakr Bapir, the head of Chemical Engineering Department; Mr. Ribwar Kermanj Abdulrahman, the DCHE coordinator; Ms. Srwa Ibrahim Khaleel and the AICHE- KOU Students Chapter adviser; Mr. Fakhri Hamdullah Ibraheem and the previous head of the AICHE- KOU Students Chapter; AbdulJaleel Ways Jaleel. At the end of the event; the third DCHE stage student Rubar Othman Abdullah has been elected as the new AICHE- KOU Students Chapter, so many congratulations to her and all DCHE students do hope this chapter will achieve more achievements in the near future.

سه‌رۆكی نوێی خوێندكاران (AIChE -Koya University Student Chapter)  بۆ ستیودنت چاپته‌ری سه‌ندیكای ئه‌مریكی ئه‌ندازیارانی كیمیاوی زانكۆی كۆیه‌ هه‌ڵبژێردرا

ئه‌مرۆ چوارشه‌ممه‌ به‌رواری ١٧-١٠-٢٠١٨  سه‌رۆكی نوێی (AIChE -Koya University Student Chapter)  ستیودنت چاپته‌ری سه‌ندیكای ئه‌مریكی ئه‌ندازیارانی كیمیاوی هه‌ڵبژێردرا به‌ ئاماده‌بوونی به‌ڕێز یاریده‌ده‌ری ڕاگری فاكه‌ڵتی ئه‌ندازیاری و سه‌رۆكی به‌شی ئه‌ندازیاری كیمیاوی. له‌ سه‌ره‌تادا م. ڕێبوار كرمانج سه‌رۆكی به‌شی ئه‌ندازیاری كیمیاوی وته‌یه‌كی پێشكه‌ش كردوو جه‌ختی كرده‌وه‌ له‌ سه‌ر گرنگی ئه‌م چاپته‌ره‌كه‌ و وتی زانكۆی كۆیه‌ یه‌كه‌م زانكۆیه‌ كه‌ له‌ عێراق بتوانێت ئه‌م چاپته‌ره‌ دابمه‌زرێنێت هاوشان له‌گه‌ڵ زانكۆ نێوده‌وڵه‌تییه‌كاندا. دواتر ڕوبار عوسمان خوێندكاری قۆناغی سێیەمی ئه‌ندازیاری كیمیاوی هه‌ڵبژێردرا به‌ سه‌رۆكی نوێی (AIChE -Koya University Student Chapter) له‌ به‌شی ئه‌ندازیاری كیمیاوی فاكه‌ڵتی ئه‌ندازیاری زانكۆی كۆیه‌ و به‌ڵێنیدا زیاتر په‌ره‌بدات به‌م چاپته‌ره‌. دواتر دامه‌زرێنه‌ر و سه‌رۆكی پێشووی چاپته‌ر جه‌لیل ساڵحی له‌ وته‌یه‌كیدا بۆ ئاماده‌بووان باسی له‌ كار و چالاكییه‌كانی ساڵی ڕابردوو كرد و پشتیوانی خۆی بۆ سه‌رۆكی نوێی چاپته‌ر (AIChE -Koya University Student Chapter) ده‌ربڕی.



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