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A new article published by two of Faculty of Engineering academic staff in IJERA International Journal

posted Dec 6, 2014, 10:30 PM by sardar.mangor@koyauniversity.org   [ updated Dec 10, 2014, 10:32 PM by feng@koyauniversity.org ]
Two of the Faculty of Engineering researchers Ali.K. Darwesh and Sana.J. Rashid published a new article on Permeability Evaluation in Pilaspi (M. Eocene - U. Eocene) Formation. The article appeared in International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) Volume 4 - Issue 12 (Part - I) December 2014.

Studying the permeability in a particular formation will be our address in this paper, through collection of a set of data in relates to the past real core analyses by the oil operators and correlating them to our lab works on the samples of the same formation from Pilaspi formation (M.EOCENE - U.EOCENE) outcrop on Haibat Sultan Mountain near Taq Taq oil Field. Lab works were done in Koya University using most of reservoir lab equipments for getting and determining the most important properties like porosity and permeability on plug samples of that formation. The key study in this paper is oil well TT-02 in Taq Taq oil field. In this paper we will try to nominate and recognize the more active porosity type through measuring air and liquid permeability in our reservoir lab and show the effects of increasing flowing pressure on the permeability using saturated and dry core plug. Water and air were used as flowing fluids and two methods were used to measure the permeability; steady-state method, measures the permeability of a saturated Core plug under constant flow rate conditions and air permeability with (N2) for dry core plug.
Keywords: Air, Lab, Permeability, Pilaspi, Taq Taq.

you can download the artcile using the below link:

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