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Awarding Ceremony

posted Feb 23, 2019, 8:32 PM by feng@koyauniversity.org   [ updated Feb 23, 2019, 8:33 PM ]
On Wednesday 13th February 2019, a special awarding ceremony has been held by the deanery of the Faculty of Engineering for the academic and technician staff who contributed in establishing the Detergents Production Unit at DCHE - FENG. Moreover, the Koya University president Prof. Dr. Wali M. Hamad, the dean of the Faculty of Engineering Assistant Prof. Dr. Mohammed H. Zangana and all Koya University council members have attended and participated in this event.

مەڕاسيمى ڕێزلێنان
ڕۆژى چوارشەممە ٢٠١٩/٢/١٣ بۆ هاندانى ئەو كەسانەى بەشداريیەكى كارايان هەبوو لە بەرهەمهێنانى سابوونى شل، ڕاگرايەتى فاكەڵتى ئەندازيارى مەراسيمێكى ڕێزلێنانى ڕێكخست بە ئامادەبوونى بەڕێزان سەرۆكى زانكۆ و ئەندامانى ئەنجوومەنى زانكۆ. ئەم بۆنەيە لە هۆڵى نەشمیل لە فەكەڵتى ئەندازيارى بەڕێوەچوو.