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The AICHE KOU Chapter Advisor has been Nominated as the Best AICHE Advisor

posted Apr 27, 2019, 2:39 PM by feng@koyauniversity.org   [ updated Apr 27, 2019, 2:42 PM ]
The American Institute of Chemical Engineering AICHE shared the week of April 22nd which has been designated to choose the best AICHE student chapter faculty advisors. Throughout this week, those advisors that have been nominated by their student chapters appeared in a short feature on ESC social media also in an AICHE blog post. Mr. Fakhri Hamadullah Ibraheem, who is one of the DCHE tutors and the advisor of the AICHE- KOU Chapter has been featured as one of the best chapter advisors, he was nominated for his efforts connecting the Koya University Student Chapter with professionals and faculty members from different Universities guiding them as AICHE 's first student chapter in whole Iraq and many other great works such as presenting seminars and courses for DCHE students.

مامۆستايەكى بەشى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى وەكو باشترين ڕاوێژكارى سەنديكاى ئەمريكى بۆ ئەندازيارى كيمياوى دەستنیشان کرا

بەڕێز مامۆستا فخرى حمداللە ابراهيم كە مامۆستايە لە بەشى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى و ڕاوێژكارى چاپتەرى AICHEى زانكۆى كۆيە لە سەنديكاى جيهانى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى AICHE دەستنيشان كرا وەكو باشترين ڕاوێژكارى چاپتەر كە لە ماوەى ڕابردوو توانى هاوكاريیەكى تەواوى چاپتەرەكە بكات و پاڵپشتى چاپتەرەكە بكات بە ڕێگاى بەستنەوەى چاپتەرى زانكۆى كۆيە بە كەسانى خاوەن ئەزموون و پڕۆفيشناڵ لە بوارى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى و ئەنجامى چالاكى جوراوجور وەكو سیمینار و وۆركشۆپ و ڕێنمايى كردنيان وەكو يەكەم چاپتەر لەسەر ئاستى هەرێمى كوردستان و عێراق.