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Scientific Visit to Sulaymaniyah Combined Cycle Power Plant in Sulaymaniyah

posted Nov 3, 2019, 2:11 AM by feng@koyauniversity.org   [ updated Nov 3, 2019, 2:11 AM ]
On 30th October 2019, the Department of Chemical Engineering has organized a scientific visit for the second year student to Sulaymaniyah Combined Cycle Power Plant in Sulaymaniyah. This visit was prepared under the direction of Mr. Ribwar Kermanj, Head of the Chemical Engineering Department. The students were accompanied by three of the department teaching staff; Mr. Hayder Hassan Abbas, Ms. Lameha Abdulkreem and Mr. Twana Najih. The main aim of this visit was to show the students the role of engineers, especially Chemical Engineering engineer in electric generating plants. Initially, there was a general presentation given by the Head of the Central Control Room, in the production of electricity and main phases of production of electricity. After that, the students were taken to the treatment water plant at the power plant, the engineer there described the treatment process of the water from the raw phase to the last phase which is isolate the ions from the water. The visit has allowed the students to gain the required knowledge regarding control device (such as; pressure gauge, flow control valves, sensors and flow meters), pumps, sterilizing, mixing, quality control tests, water quality tests, storage tanks. Students met several of the working Staff and discussed with them their main roles in their workplaces. From the scientific visit, the students have learned the following topics:
- Generate of Electricity and Combined Process
- Water Treatment Plant Process
- Control Monitoring
- Waste Management System
- Role of Chemical Engineers and Available Positions in the Factory

خوێندكارانى قۆناغى دووەمى بەشى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى سەردانێكى زانستيیان بۆ وێستگەى كارەباى سلێمانى ئەنجامدا

ڕۆژى چوار شەممە ڕێكەوتى ٢٠١٩/١٠/٣٠ بەشى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى، فاكەڵتى ئەندازيارى زانكۆى كۆيە سەردانێكى زانستى ڕێكخست بۆ وێستگەى كارەباى سلێمانى بۆ خوێندكارانى قۆناغى دووى ئەم بەشە بە سەرپەرشتى بەڕێزان م. حيدەر حسن عباس، م.ى. لميعە عبدالكريم على و ئ. توانا ناجح حسن. ئامانجى سەرەكى ئەم سەردانە زانستیيە بۆ ئاشناكردنى خوێندكاران بە كارى ئەندازيار كيمياوى لە وێستگەى بەرهەمهێنانى كارەبا. سەرەتا پريزێنتیشنەكى گرنگ لەلايەن بەڕێز بەرپرسى ژوورى كۆنتروڵ پيشكەشكرا بۆ خوێندكاران دەربارەى چۆنيەتى بەرهەمهێنانى كارەبا و هەنگاوەكانى، دواتر خوێندكاران سەردانى بەشى چارەسەركردنى ئاو لە وێستگەكە و چۆنيەتى چارەسەركردنى ئاو لە پلانتەكە بە شێوەى ئەندازيارى باسکران. ئەم سەردانە زانستیيە زۆر هاوكارى خوێندكارانى كرد بۆ ئاشنابوونيان بە كارى پڕاكتیكى بە تايبەتى ڕۆڵى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى لە وێستگەى بەرهەمهێنانى كارەبا و ئاشنابوونيان بە كۆمەڵێک ئامێر و تاقيگەى تايبەت. بە گشتى ئەم سەردانە زانستیيە كۆمەڵيك ئامانجى فێربوونی بەدەست هێنا وەكو:
- پڕۆسەى بەرهەمهێنانى وزەى كارەبا
- پڕۆسەی چارەسەركردنى ئاوى پيشەسازى
- كۆنتروڵ و چاودێرى ئەندازيارى
- سيستەمى بەڕێوەبردنى پاشماوەكان (پيشەسازى)
- ڕۆڵى ئەندازيارى كيمياوى لە پلانتى بەرهەهێنانى كارەبا و وزە