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Thirds Stage Students of the Department of Architectural Engineering Presented Their Projects

posted Feb 6, 2021, 7:58 AM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Feb 6, 2021, 8:00 AM ]
On Sunday, 24th January 2021, the third stage students of the Architectural Engineering, Faculty Engineering at Koya University, presented their final Projects (Mixed Use Tower) of their Architecture Design course at the first semester. The presented projects were under the scientific supervision of Mr. Sulaiman Mustafa and Ms. Vian Ahmed Shareef.

Prepared by: Bandi Luqman

‎ڕۆژی یه‌ك شه‌ممه‌ ڕێكه‌وتی ٢٠٢٠/١/٢٤ خوێندكارانی قۆناغی سێیەم له‌ به‌شی ئه‌ندازیاری ته‌لارسازی لە فاكه‌ڵتی ئه‌ندازیاری زانکۆى کۆیە، پڕۆژه‌ی كۆتایی وه‌رزی یه‌كه‌م (Mixed Use Tower) لە وانه‌ی دیزاین پێشكه‌ش كرد. ‎ئه‌م پڕۆژه‌یه‌ به‌ سه‌رپه‌رشتی مامۆستایان م. سلێمان مصطفى و م. ڤیان احمد له‌ به‌شی ئه‌ندازیاری ته‌لارسازی ئه‌نجامدرا.

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