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An Instructor of the Faculty of Engineering Participated in a Workshop Held by Duhok University

posted Apr 6, 2021, 8:29 AM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated Apr 6, 2021, 8:29 AM ]
On Sunday, 1st March 2021, instructor Manar Nazar, a lecturer in the Architectural Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering participated in a workshop which held by the Department of Architecture of Duhok University.

مامۆستایه‌كی فاکەڵتیمان له‌ وۆركشۆپێكی زانكۆی دهۆك بەشداری کرد

ڕۆژی یه‌كشه‌‌ممه‌، ڕێكه‌وتی ٢٠٢١/٣/١ مامۆستا منار نزار مامۆستا له‌ به‌شی ئه‌ندازیاری ته‌لارسازی فاكه‌ڵتی ئه‌ندازیاری لە وۆركشۆپێكی به‌شی ته‌لارسازی زانكۆی دهۆك بەشداری كرد.