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A Group of Students from the Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Department Manufactured a PET Plastic Shredder Machine

posted May 16, 2021, 2:33 PM by Faculty of Engineering   [ updated May 16, 2021, 2:35 PM ]
Plastics are the kind of polymer that has very wide use in our life nowadays, because it is one of the materials that are very easy to fabricate and  have good mechanical properties, and surely their low cost of manufacturing and producing prefer them over a lot of materials. And for this reason, they have a very wide application in the food and drink industries, and personal care products.

On the other hand, polymers generally are considered a hazard to the environment because their compositions are very hard to decompose in nature. For this purpose, students of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Department decided to make a shredder machine for PET plastic under the supervision of Dr. Taghreed for their senior stage project.

The machine is simple, efficient, and has a portable size that can be called an office shredder. The machine has good functionality to shred plastic into uniform flakes, then the shredded plastic can be used in other recycling processes. The machine needs a low cost to be fabricated and it does not require a lot of energy.

Students Names:
1. Rawa Farhad Abdulla
2. Tanya Asos Ahmad
3. Nvar Haval Abdulla