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The First International Symposium on Urban Development Koya as a Case Study

posted Apr 7, 2014, 10:37 PM by feng@koyauniversity.org   [ updated Apr 14, 2014, 12:54 AM ]
In early 2011, the Research Centre in the Faculty of Engineering at Koya University started a small project; called “Koya-Record Project”. The aim of project based on three lines, which were collecting the data about the available resources in Koya district, identifying the Koya foundation/office’s requirements and then combining the available resources and the requirements through generating research projects for the staff and students in the faculty of engineering. As such, continues meeting started between representative of Koya foundations and the academic staff in the faculty. After several meetings, Koya-Record panel was established, which include 35 representatives, including the academic staff and Koya-foundation representative. This was a good number to announce the First International Symposium on Urban Development – Koya as a Case Study. The ideas and thoughts of these researchers have become the core of this symposium, meanwhile each of them has been asked to contact other foundations and industrial companies, making new shared projects. As such, half of the submitted papers in this symposium belong to the researchers themselves or to those authors that had been encouraged by the researchers. 

The Objectives of the Symposium
The aim of this International Symposium is to find the scientific ideas and proposals in different fields, to develop the cities, by taking the views and approaches of professors, industrial people and the specialists. The main feature of this International Symposium is the number of the topics, which lead to a comprehensive meeting, covers many areas that determine the progress and well-being society. These interrelated ideas from these different topics would give a clear picture to the authorities for setting priorities and controlling the restrictions.

The Impacts and the Outcomes
Each society has requirements and ambitions for the development. Such ambitions can be achieved through researches, if the there is a strategic and systematic plan to follow the requirements to reach the ambitions. Therefore, engaging the universities through their research abilities, e.g. labs and researchers, with the requirements will lead to the results. In another meaning, if the research plans focus on the requirement of the society, such as education, health, agriculture, water resources, mineral resources, economy, technology, etc, the outcome of the researches will improve these sectors. Therefore, this Symposium will be the meeting point between the academic staff, governmental foundations, private sectors, and the local people to identify their requirements and ambitions. Meanwhile, all they will receive advantages from the other experiences that presented by international representative that attend the Symposium from different countries. 

The Added Values of this Symposium to the Region
Increasingly, nowadays the developed countries have realized that solution of today's most pressing research problems will require inputs from multidisciplinary teams of researchers, bringing a range of different perspectives, expertise and methodological approaches to address the problem. Therefore,  this Symposium will become a good model to all the ministries, universities, research centers and private sectors to focus their researches on what the society needs, through creating multidisciplinary researches, not only focusing on the basic researches. This Symposium will be a trigger concept to use the research an essential way to the success of the knowledge-driven economy, creating wealth and employment, supporting modern public services, notifying policymaking, developing an understanding of the world and enriching the cultural lives. 

The Beneficiaries
So far, the number of those that have interest to attend the Symposium is 130, including private and governmental sectors, as some of them shown in the list below. The submitted articles and papers are 70 papers. 
On the other hand, an Exhibition would be held, in parallel to the Symposium sessions, as the local private and governmental companies will be invited to show their products and services. The Faculty of Engineering will provide suitable places and the facilities to all the participants to create their booth and stands. 
This big meeting gives unlimited opportunities to all the participants to exchange the ideas, building projects, establishing multidisciplinary researches, etc. 

The participants:
  • Koya University
  • Salahaddien university - Hawler
  • Sulaimaniyah University
  • Al-Mustansariyah University
  • Jihan University - Erbil
  • University of Technology
  • Alqadisia University
  • Municipality Presidency of Sulaimaniyah
  • Staffordshire University, United Kingdom
  • Asfahan University
  • University of Tehran
  • Nottingham University - UK
  • The American University of Iraq, Sulaimaniyah
  • Professor form Germany
  • Professor from UAE
  • Professor from Sweden
  • Professor from Denmark
  • Professors from Italy
  • Professor from Russia
  • Directorate of Building Investigation Laboratories – Sulaimaniyah
  • Directorate of Building Investigation Laboratories - Erbil
  • Directorate of Building Investigation Laboratories – Koya
  • Kirkuk Municipality
  • TaqTaq  Municipality
  • Green Kurdistan Association/ Kirkuk 
  • Water Directorate -Kirkuk
  • Human Center- Kirkuk
  • Enhancing Women Capabilities Centre - Kirkuk
  • General Directorate of Health- Sulaimaniyah
  • Construction Directorate of Koya
  • General Raparin Directorate of Health 
  • Halabja University
  • Koya Petroleum and Minerals Directorate
  • Youth Center in Koya
  • Northern Petroleum Company
  • Health Directorate-Erbil
  • General Library of Koya
  • Directorate of Arts and Culture in Koya
  • Agricultural Directorate of Koya
  • Road and Bridges Directorate- Erbil
  • Ali Mardan Center for Maqam
  • Mayoralty of Koya
  • Construction Directorate of Koya
  • Union of Peasants Association
  • Institute of Fine arts - Kirkuk
  • Transport Directorate of Koya
  • Construction Directorate of Koya
  • Forest Directorate in Koya
  • Irrigation Directorate of Koya 
  • Antiquities Directorate of Koya
  • Directorate of Endowments in Koya
  • Directorate of Production and Investment - Erbil
  • Koya Municipality 
  • Tourist Directorate of Koya
  • General Health Directorate of Koya
  • Traffic Directorate of Koya
  • Al-Rafidain Bank of Koya
  • Water Directorate of Karkok