Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering (FENG) at Koya University is an excellent place to acquire education. It is the center of excellence for advanced education and research in different fields of engineering. 

111 Academic staff

939 Students

434 Modules

Dean's word

The Faculty of Engineering (FENG) at Koya University is an integrated academic institution. The location and the beautiful view of Koya City from our building are enough to provide a joyful atmosphere, relieve stress, and encourage our students to innovate in their fields. Besides the high quality of teaching in all the levels of (B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D.), we provide through developed curricula, we also help our students to become adept problem solvers and critical thinkers, ready to contribute to the evolution of technology and positively improve their careers in the future. As Dean, I am very proud of the academic staff for creating an environment where students are not just learners but creators, and inventors. The Faculty of Engineering at Koya University strives to improve the research process. We encourage our faculty members and students (B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D.) to pursue creative and innovative research and emphasize collaborative and multidisciplinary research that meets national and international standards. By using our academic resources, we can build a strong connection with our community and contribute positively to developing the Kurdistan Region and the Iraqi community.

About the Faculty

Faculty of Engineering was established in 2004 under the name of College of Engineering; during two years its departments increased to six departments. In 2010, the management and scientific system of Koya University changed into Faculty instead of colleges.  Faculty of Engineering works for the fulfillment of some vivid objectives such as using University potentials to serve the benefits of Koya town and Kurdistan Region, and establishing scientific potentials of students in a way that is the same as the world standards on the studying programs implemented by developed countries.


Masters by a combination of research and coursework or by pure research in PhD level. (read more) 

Knowledge Transfer is our main stream principal way to communicate in and outside our academic community (read more) 

With 4 faculties and 25 departments in different fields we aiming to become a centre of excellence. Join us...