Department of Chemical Engineering

10 Academic staff

174 Students

48 Modules

Chemical Engineering Department at Koya University was established in 2006. The department is unique of its kind in the Iraqi Kurdistan region because this field of engineering does not exist at other universities and higher education institutions within the region. The department is offering currently a Bachelor of Science with Honours [B.Sc. (Hons)] in Chemical Engineering that normally, takes a minimum of four years study.

The department of chemical engineering at Koya University aims at producing highly trained and professional chemical engineers that the Kurdistan region very much needs for the development. This being the case, the department provides a program of study that keeps a good balance between theoretical and laboratory based practical courses. In the later the student will receive training and conduct experiments in a number of laboratories such as the Unit Operation, Process Control, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics and Reactor laboratories. Undergraduate students will also experience engineering practice and management in two or three jobs while they work in industry during the summer training. Moreover, students will gain more industrial work experience through a number of industry site visits each academic year. That is why, the undergraduate study program at chemical engineering department /Koya University can offer the best mix of a high quality classroom-based education and practical experience.

On research related activities, the department strives to create an environment for its academic staff to conduct internationally competitive researches in their fields of expertise and provide consultancy services to a variety of industrial sectors including oil, gas and energy industries. Overall, the department aims at producing world class graduates and conducting high quality researches.

The vision of the Chemical Engineering Department at Koya University is to achieve national and international recognition in research and training students for meeting the challenging needs of industry and society.

The mission statement of the Chemical Engineering Department at Koya University can be summarized as; preparing students for professional practice and graduate study through a program that provides a strong fundamental technical and high quality undergraduate education, in addition to providing the industry sector with well-trained chemical engineers who will contribute to the process industries in the Kurdistan Region and worldwide. Also developing innovative science and technology through quality research in frontier areas of chemical engineering field is a core objective.

Academic Staff