Department of Architecture

22 Academic staff

116 Students

52 Modules

The Department of Architecture was founded within the College of Engineering at Koya University, in 2004. The first class enrolled in the same academic year. The department started on defined and specific concrete bases to achieve the goals set by the university, these goals could be summarized as:

  • Enhancing and consolidating University contacts with the society in general, and with Koya city in particular by offering useful and practical services, by students and tutors, the research and professional units in the department, faculty, and the university.

  • Emphasizing the fact that Koya is a pedigreed ancient city with rich heritage which should be documented and preserved.

  • Emphasizing the fact that Koya is a touristic city with extraordinary surroundings and so many tourism facilities and projects could be offered to convert it to a focal point, not only at the level of Kurdistan Region, but also at the level of Iraq and all surrounding countries.

  • Emphasizing on the fact that Koya is a growing city and needs so many community facilities to conform with and follow up this uprising growth.

The Department of Architecture has a pioneering and big rule in achieving these goals through setting a comprehensive plan for research, studies, and design projects covering all the stages (from 1st to 5th); this plan depends mainly on the actual needs of the city which should be realized by the mutual understanding between the university (via the department) and the city administrations and the citizens.

Finally we would like to take this opportunity to assure the department's intention to achieve these goals through making use of the latest and the most up to date techniques in teaching trends, methods, and tools which are already started long time ago.



Academic Staff