Department of Software Engineering

24 Academic staff

162 Students

40 Modules

The Department of Software Engineering (DSWE) is one of the pillars of the Faculty of Engineering at Koya University. The DSWE was founded in the academic year 2004/2005 due to the university's keenness to meet the accelerating needs of the community in various fields and for the development and management of programs necessary to meet the needs of users. Software Engineering is a vital and important nowadays as it provides the community with Software Engineers that are able to take their responsibilities in various areas of software engineering field.

The DSWE believes that the student is the most important pillar in the university, so it is always trying to take care of the aimed ideas; also it contributes to the refinement of all the professional skills needed to provide employment opportunities for students, whether locally or regionally.

The vision of the DSWE is to build the student's personality from several aspects in an integrated manner to be a distinct graduate of this department at all levels and has a scientific and professional ability which qualifies him for success in his career as a software engineer to serve the country.

The mission statement of the Software Engineering at Koya University can be summarized as to Preparing students for professional practice and graduate study through a program that provides a strong fundamental technical and high quality undergraduate education.

Academic Staff